Why should I join NAWBO?

Imagine a sisterhood of support.

There are so many benefits to joining NAWBO. Never competitive, never agenda-driven, we support, uplift, collaborate with and promote our members by providing:

  • educational programming that empowers women business leaders with confidence to manage and grow their businesses successfully;
  • professional and personal enrichment and networking opportunities that educate, empower and expand women leaders;
  • a supportive, collaborative, non-judging and non-competitive environment where women business owners are uplifted up, and can lift others up; and
  • we also advocate for women business owners on a public policy level, ensuring that the issues impacting women business owners are brought to the attention of elected officials, agency personnel, strategic partners and of course, the media.

Reasons our members love NAWBO!

Make Meaningful Connections

The time I have spent as a NAWBO DC chapter member, Board member, and Membership Committee Chair has been nothing short of inspiring. It is such a privilege to be afforded a constant connection to amazingly talented, brilliant, and motivating women within our community, both on a local and national level. The opportunities provided by NAWBO to make meaningful connections and to just be educated are endless. I am proud to be a part of NAWBO and to give back to the NAWBO community by supporting women leaders in their own endeavors.

Betsy Luxenberg
Holland & Knight

Interested in joining?
You’re in good company

Here’s what a typical NAWBO Member looks like:

Business Size: businesses owned by NAWBO members are larger than the average women-owned businesses in terms of number of employees. 68% have employees; 17% have 10+ employees.

Revenue: 25% of NAWBO members make more than $1M in annual sales; 34% make more than $500K.

Longevity: NAWBO members have owned their business for an average of 10 years.

Age: 75% of NAWBO members are over 45 years of age; 25% are in the 35 – 44 age group.

Access to Capital: Many NAWBO members access capital through credit cards and personal family savings. 58% use credit cards and 37% use private and family savings to fund their business.

Industry: 35% of all NAWBO members belong in the professional, scientific and technical services sector.

Education: Generally, NAWBO members are very well educated with 39% holding post-graduate degrees.

*Results from the 2011 NAWBO Member Demographics Survey

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